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Cardboard Boxes

It's said the first cardboard boxes were invented in England around 1817, by Sir Malcolm Thornhill. The first boxes were made from single sheets of cardboard, and eventually became very popular when the food industry started to use them namely the Kellogg Company started using them to package cereals. Corrugated paper was invented in England in 1856 and was first used as hat liners. The first single-sided corrugated cardboard was patented in 1871 and the first precut cardboard box was invented in 1890. Corrugated boxes as we know them today were invented in 1895.

GBE Packaging carries the quality cardboard boxes you need. With thousands of sizes to choose from, we guarantee we have a product that will meet your needs. Click the ĎStoreí link and select the appropriate product form the menu to find pages upon pages of quality cardboard boxes in every configuration imaginable.

Corrugated cardboard can be single-sided, but there is also single wall board, double wall board and triple wall board. Cardboard boxes made from double wall or triple wall corrugated cardboard will of course be stronger and more durable than boxes made from single-sided or single wall board.

Choose from the following categories: stock boxes, bulk cargo containers, cube boxes, file storage boxes, air freight cargo boxes, flat boxes, heavy-duty boxes, insulated shippers and cold packs, long boxes, and many additional types. Our prime goal is to meet the needs of every customer by being able to fill the gap where other suppliers are falling short. Weíve listened to our customersí most pressing challenges when it comes to shipping- and we have answered.

Our stock boxes are among our most popular of products; manufactured to the industry standard, all of our cartons have been constructed from durable 200#/32ect Kraft corrugated stock. We ship them flat to save space and make receipt of boxes more convenient for customers. Unlike other corrugated boxes, ours are 100% recyclable. We proudly offer 945 options for purchasing our stock boxes!

Most cardboard boxes are square or rectangular, but different shapes can be created. If you need a custom shape of cardboard box, you can order it from a packaging company like GBE Packaging Supplies. However, cardboard boxes with unusual shapes might not be as versatile and convenient as a regular box shaped like a square or a rectangle.

Our single and double wall heavy-duty boxes are unbeatable. When the security of your shipped items is of the utmost importance, trust us to safeguard your products with the heaviest, sturdiest shipping boxes available on the market. Youíll save big on our single and double wall boxes that are available in bundle or bale quantities. Choose the appropriate size and order with confidence.

Cardboard Boxes are used in all kinds of industries and for moving, shipping products, storage and more. Cardboard Boxes come in many shapes including apparel boxes and stationary boxes. Cardboard Boxes are popular in moving all your valuables and property and once they get old you can recycle the boxes to be used again and again. Cardboard boxes can be had in all colors white being one of the more popular colors.

Offices across the world turn to us for cardboard storage file boxes that are super strong and able to be stacked up to six high. FastFold technology means quick and easy assembly. These cardboard file boxes are heavy-duty, with triple-end and double-sided and bottom construction to withstand a lot of handling. Productís deep, locking, lift-off lid secures contents.

No matter what you want to ship, you will be able to find a cardboard box of the right size to ship it. Cardboard boxes can be as small or as large as you need them to, and if you donít find the size you are looking for, you can simply order custom boxes.

If you use cardboard file boxes, youíre going to love our Super Stor Drawers that offers the economy of a corrugated box, combined with the accessibility of a pull-out drawer. Create an instant file cabinet with a stack of these convenient, quality pull-out drawers. Features large labeling area to identify contents.

Most cardboard boxes are designed with a finish, but itís also possible to purchase white cardboard boxes, and even colorful ones. Colorful boxes are made from corrugated cardboard and colored paperboard, and can come in different colors.

Multi-depth cube boxes are great for moving, storage, and shipping. We offer 78 options in size and configuration on these terrific boxes. For larger items, itís often necessary to choose oversized boxes that waste a lot of space and resources. Choose our multi-depth boxes to eliminate the waste.

Cardboard boxes can be used to ship products to your customers, but you canít just package your products into any random box. Take a moment to choose the right shape and the right size of box, made with the right thickness of corrugated, you will see that your box will protect anything you put inside it until it reaches its destination.

For your upcoming move, take a closer look at our wardrobe boxes, artwork and mirror boxes, picture frame boxes, dish pack boxes, and deluxe, high-quality moving boxes in a variety of sizes. We have a unique size for every item on your list, including breakables, collectibles, antiques, and other items you just canít trust to lesser-quality shipping supplies. For assistance placing your order or to speak with a product specialist, reach out to us through our convenient contact form.

Cardboard boxes can and should be recycled, but most of them are also made from recycled paper and cardboard. A used cardboard box can be recycled to be turned into brand new packaging supplies. Of course, you can reuse your boxes a few times before recycling them.

Corrugated cardboard can be single-sided, but there is also single wall board, double wall board and triple wall board. Cardboard boxes can and should be recycled, but most of them are also made from recycled paper and cardboard.

Article Posted: 07/26/2019 02:39:43 PM

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