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Online Auction Websites - Page 1

Online Auction Websites - Page 1

By now you have seen the TV and print advertisements for online auctions. Online auction sites started out selling some of the lowest grade toilet paper or folded paper towels, stuff that would not normally sell. Now online sales continue to grow every year and Online Auction Sites are becoming increasingly popular and competitive, with more sophisticated platforms for online bidders. It’s Fun! Some people say it entertainment, like gambling, or dancing but its an auction running on software. Few things in this world are more exciting than placing the winning bid in an auction and winning something truly rare and special that you have your eye on. You can win or purchase electronics, jewelry, books, clothing, boats, cars, snowmobiles, you name it and it can be found on an online auction. Many online auction sites are liquidation sites or sites that sell collectibles so its not just low prices on toilet paper we are talking about.

Online Auctions started to heat up in 95. Ebay started it all in 1995 when it was known as AuctionWeb, eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) was one of the first online selling and buying portals and, for years, held the monopoly in digital auctions. Many of us thought it was a fad, like mylar balloons and we were wrong on both. Today thank’s to the internet, new auction sites are competing in eBay’s online space, offering consumers a wider choice of digital online auctions. Technological advances have contributed to the rise and evolution of this part of the eCommerce marketplace, cookies, sales tags, programing script, lead generation are all part of modern day online auctions. There are many success stories as well as complaints to the online arena.

Today you can find anything you need on the internet, order it and they ship it right to your door over night in many cases. Selling on line has become a real challenge and there are platforms to sell on but they charge a fee for each sale and a monthly membership fee. If you are selling you may find both Ebay and Amazon have been known to use you as test marketers while you pay monthly fee’s to sell your products and pay a large portion of your profit generally 15% to 19% before shipping then if your product is popular they will begin to sell it directly. Both Amazon and Ebay have no problem telling sellers to pass the large fee’s on to the end user or buyer or take the loss to sell on their platform. Some sellers find it acceptable, I have always felt any sale is a good sale as long as you do not lose money.

Today there are plenty of alternatives to eBay. Whether you’re looking to boycott eBay or just looking for additional revenue sources we would like to help by publishing an ongoing list of online auction websites. Some sites might specialize in auto sales and another in electronics so one site will rarely fit all. We suggest online sellers and buyers should always consider alternative solutions. If you know of one or more auction sites we missed please feel free to email us and we will to add them. We will do our best to try to keep this list up to date with interesting auction sites. We cant list them all so I’m sure we missed some of the local sites for you so remember to do a Google search for geo-targeted Online Auctions in your local area to make sure you do not miss any local great deals.

If you enjoy Online Auto Auctions we have a list that features all the popular online auto auctions. Check them out here: Online Auto Auction Websites here.

Online Auction Websites - Page 1

Auction Zip

AuctionZip is marketing itself as the world’s largest online auction marketplace. They claim 13 million auction buyers come together each year to list and find auctions here. More than two million bidders monthly, and that would make it one of the biggest online auctions in the world. E-commerce vendors can create a free auctioneer account, list auctions for each, learn about how to run online auctions and reach more than two million bidders each month.

Live auctions are a simulcast event that allow people to bid for items online at the same time as those on the auction floor making it a very exciting environment. With live bidding, you can access auctions around the world and get in on all the action, right from your own home or computer. There's no software to download or special tools to buy. Just become a member, and you’re ready to join in and bid!

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Auction Zip

Atomic Mall is a multi-seller Marketplace where individuals can Buy, Sell, or Bid on virtually anything! Atomic Mall has evolved into a feature-rich e-commerce gathering place where Sellers and Buyers from around the globe can meet and interact. Sellers can set up shop instantly, and Buyers will love our intuitive design and navigation features. One of the highlights of selling on Atomic Mall is the zero listings fee sellers enjoy. Backed by an online commerce veteran of 20+ years in the e-tail trenches, and a team of skilled programmers and network security gurus, Sellers can also list their items in an auction or for a set/fixed price. Atomic Mall also accepts a range of payment options, including Bitcoin, PayPal and Visa.

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Auction Maxx

Auction Maxx is a well-established Canadian auction site, founded in Canada in 2012 with over 10,000 registered users and sellers on Auction Maxx can reach a high volume of buyers. Online liquidator of damaged, unclaimed, misguided and damaged freight, retail surplus, insurance claims and large consignments from all types of corporations or individuals. One feature of Auction Maxx is that the site is committed to constantly promoting the items for sale through a number of advertising channels, meaning items gain maximum exposure. This is very popular.

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1stdibs was founded in 2001 to bring the Paris flea markets online. This site is marketed as the leading online marketplace for collectors and sellers of very beautiful things. Starting with the few dealers that were hand-selected by the founder Michael Bruno at Paris’s legendary antiques market, Marché Aux Puces, in 2001, So by bringing together the best awards, furniture, fine art, jewelry and watch sellers from more than 600 cities around the world. 1stdibs offers an exclusive inventory. You may want to bookmark this site just to look.

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Absolute Auction & Realty

The Absolute Auction Center conducts both antique and real estate auctions. They offer all types of vehicles, from cars, boats, motorcycles to bucket trucks, and cushmans. BMWs, and has had incredible success auctioning everything from women’s designer clothing, purses, leather bags, to Revolutionary War artifacts or military items. It is truly a center for the sale of absolutely everything. In recent years, AAR has refocused there attention on specialty collections. They were perfectly equipped for this type of offering. AAR welcomes anyone thinking of selling their lifetime collection to give them a call and allow them the opportunity to give your treasures the send-off they deserve.

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Alibaba.com is the leading platform for global wholesale trade. Launched in 1999 they serve millions of buyers and sellers, suppliers, distributors, around the world. As part of the Alibaba Group, there mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. Alibaba.com brings you hundreds of millions of products in over 40 different major categories, including consumer electronics, machinery and apparel. They pay per click heavy so you know the site gets heavy traffic. Buyers on this site are located in 191+ countries and regions, and they exchange hundreds of thousands of messages with suppliers on there platform each day.

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The site was not working 100% when we inspected. What we know about AliExpress we had to find out from 3rd party sites as their website does not allow you to get to the footer of their website where most people put the About us page. It is a scroll forever site. AliExpress.com was founded in 2009 as a marketplace offering products at factory direct prices from China. They do accept single item orders. The AliExpress.com website is actually featured on the main Alibaba.com website. When you sign up for a free membership with AliExpress, you are actually registering with Alibaba.com at the same time. We found many complaints about the escrow system they use and we must warn the buyer to beware. Please read the reviews before you do business with anyone!

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One of the largest sales sites started in 1998 Amazon has grown to be one of the largest online sales platforms, with some deals great and some not so great. So many items are listed in each category that you may have trouble deciding which item to pick. It’s a perfect environment for buyers but if your selling remember they take a large cut of all sales generally 15 to 19% before fee’s so you may have to sell at far less than you normally do if you want to be in the Amazon network. When you consider the prices of some items and the fee's they charge I am surprised anyone makes money beside Amazon. I guess it's better to sell at 1% profit than than no sale at all. Google has made it expensive to pay to play in the PPC (Pay Per Click) game.

To be honest, Amazon is a search engine in it’s own. With shipping specials like Amazon Prime it attracts much traffic you will not find on Google. It is our opinion they charge too much to sell products you end up over charging the customer or if you care about your customers then you hand all of your profit to Amazon. We have been burned several times trying out Amazon and with our low prices we never seem to make money on Amazon but they always did. You have to decide if that works for your organization. Others have and do sell our products on Amazon but they have time to break up cases and sell 6 packs or 12 packs. We only sell cases at this time.

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TV’s Storage Wars

You may have seen them on TV’s Storage Wars – Check their auction schedule here to see if they will be near you. American auctioneers are based in Calimesa CA and they are fully insured if you need an auctioneer. You can browse the helpful links and their partner auction links. Contact American Auctioneers or read their blog.

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Auction Ad City

Auction Ad City is a US-based online auction site that features auctions and a classified marketplace where anything can be listed. Started in February 2008 - Auction items are free to list with a closing fee of 5% up to ,000 when we reviewed the site. Upgrades were available at additional costs. You can also list as businesses or individuals. Classified section costs 50 cents to list an item which includes 5 photos and various upgrades that are available at additional costs. The site also has a subscription payment plan which allows sellers to list as many items as they want for free.

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Auction Ohio

Auction Ohio Real Estate

Auction Ohio has become very popular, they sell Personal Property as well as Real Estate and many other products that end up on their auction block. They have a large selection of tools, appliances, sports memorabilia, toys, furniture and more. I was very impressed by the large furniture selection they have up for bid. As with most auctions check back often because you never know what will be up for auction at any one time.

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Auction Factory

Auction Factory was established in 1980 with over 38 years experience in the restaurant and real estate auction Industry. Auction Factory is the premier auction destination for buyers and sellers. They specialize in the sale of restaurant equipment, Real estate, Supermarket Auctions, supermarket equipment, Tanning salon auctions, Memorabilia auctions, Pizza shop auctions, School Auctions, College and Universities Auctions, Freezers and Frozen Yogurt Auctions, Farm Equipment, Barns, and much more. They provide both public and private sectors the benefits of a wide variety of quality items being sold at auction. This selection of Classic Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Trucks, Cars, Vans and Mini Vans, Pick-up Trucks, (at times Helicopters, Planes and Boats) as well as hundreds of Miscellaneous Art and Jewelry items.

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Auction King

Auction King is built on the experience of three generations of auctioneers. Now, international auctions that were once reserved for only the rich and powerful are just a click away. They ensure the most true to life, credible, and secure auctioning experience available online. Their experience combined with the most up-to-date technology, gives you unprecedented access to remote sales offering unique, antique, exotic and luxury items. Categories jewelry, coins, fine art, gold watches, sports memorabilia, loose stones, diamond collectibles, designer handbags, and antiques.

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Auction Nation

Auction Nation specializes in business equipment liquidations, restaurant equipment, construction equipment, charity auctions, cars, vehicles, equipment auctions, and estate auctions. They have auctions in multiple states so be sure to check the active auctions often. They regularly conduct liquidations, estate liquidations, government surplus sales, excess inventory reductions, tools, pet supplies, appliances, car and motorcycle auctions, guns and swords and antiques, quality furniture, jewelry and more!

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Auction Quests

Auction Quests - An alternate site to Ebay as mentioned earlier, this site has been created by ex-Ebay sellers for current Ebay sellers to show them a cheaper or better way of selling online. At Auction Quests they charge no listing fees and no final value fees. The fees they charge are only for additional extras when listing an item (HIGHLIGHTED LISTING, HOME PAGE FEATURED LISTING, BOLD LISTING, or CATEGORY FEATURED LISTING).

This might be a good site to try for free? They wanted to build a site that was better than Ebay! But only with your help can they succeed. Browse the site, and check out the fees section and register for free. Start your listings and you will not have to pay anything until you decide to make your products “stand out”.

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Auction-Warehouse - Founded in 1998. Originally started as a private website for selling computer equipment and electronics. Around 2002 the website was converted to a public auction site where everyone can list and sell their goods. Their community of users is constantly growing, they claim and the auction site is completely free. You may want to try this one but be careful and read all the rules and small type. When we inspected for buyers there are never any fees and for sellers there are some optional fees or upgrades for “attention getters” like colored listings, featured listings or bold listings. Fees are low (.05 – .00) and optional. There do not seem to be any commission fees, regardless of the selling price of your item. Sounds like it might be worth trying?

Inactive on our last inspection in Jan 2020. This site stopped loading around 1/2020 - We are monitoring the status and will remove the site if it remains inactive.

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Audiogon - Very popular site for digital electronics. Founded in 1998. Audiogon features listings for almost everything that is electronic, speakers, tuners, sound cables, turn tables, and sound entertainment or home theater orientated items. Traffic is average and when we inspected the site the base cost of an ad or auction was around 4 dollars and this included three pictures. Additional options are available for additional costs as labeled when posting. The transaction fees are only applied to a seller’s account if the item listed is sold. They were equal to about 1% of the reported sale price and will be expected to be resolved before any further ads may be posted. They charge even if your item doesn’t sell, but they state that’s because they are a marketing service, not a selling service. Be sure to check reviews and read the fine print before using any service.

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On Barnebys you will find everything you’re looking for in art, antiques and collectibles. They have the contacts and they gather auctions from art dealers all over the world and make them accessible to everyone like you. Fun and interesting to just view the items up for sale. It’s simple and it’s free. Set up an account to save interesting searches, monitor exciting auctions and keep up to date with the fascinating world of art and the auctions through their weekly newsletter. Inspired, want to sell something yourself? Why not use our appraisal service. Create a search alert and get emails when new items come in. Their Swedish site was launched in fall of 2011, and just a couple of months later, the lion’s share of the Scandinavian houses we’re affiliated with Barnebys and just a click away. They've come a long way since, and their now in the US, UK, France, Spain and Germany. Bookmark this site for easy reference.

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Bid Beat – Online Classifieds

Bid Beat is not an auction site but more of an online classified site. Bid Beat is a free online classified site that allows you to sell, or buy items and there is only a small listing fee if you want a featured ad. They have a good assortment of products available if you are in the market for a TV, DVD, Computer? Are you looking for awesome clothing? Looking for a camera or unlocked cell phone? They have many categories to pick from including Eletronics, computers, Music, Motors, Fine Jewelry, Pet Supplies, and so much more. If you are looking to sell a painting, coins or stamps. Post a free classified ad and see for yourself if it works.

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Bid Assets

Bid Assets - Advertised as online auctioneers for township auctions, city auctions, municipality auctions, school auctions, college auctions, food service equipment auctions, university, college, and many other types of business liquidations. They are a full service auction company and will travel to your site, inventory, photograph, and upload your valuable assets to the Bid-Assets online auction website where thousands of registered buyers are ready to bid their best price on your equipment.

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Bidmate is the Progressive Online Auction site where Australians can buy and sell almost any item imaginable. BidMate was founded in 2007 by Internet entrepreneur Ron Gully, with the intention of providing Australia’s most progressive online Auction site. Ron has previously run several Internet businesses including the founding of the famous Finance Website “HotCopper”. HotCopper listed on the Australian Stock exchange in 1999. Ron was also one of eBay Australia’s top 10 sellers until 2006. BidMate is located in Highton Geelong Australia. Selling - is an easy way to make quick cash, or a serious way to make a living. Free to list and pay a small fee, only after your item sells. Not much traffic yet but lots of special offers.

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BidNow.us also known as Albrecht Auction - They currently operate out of two locations in Vassar, MI. Their online general consignment auctions alternate weekly between the two locations, and live preview is available on Friday, Saturday, and Monday while each auction is open for bidding! Most general consignment auctions will close on a Monday night. In addition to online General Consignment Auctions, Albrecht Auction also conducts a number of offsite auctions. These types of auctions can include: Personal Property Estates, Farm/Construction Equipment, Business Liquidations, Real Estate offerings, Hunting Properties, Family Cabins and More!

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Bonhams - Founded in 1793 - Auctioneers for the 21st Century. Bonhams is a privately owned international auction house. it is one of the world’s largest and most renowned auctioneers of fine art and antiques, motor cars and jewelry. They offer items in 60 different categories – the broadest range for any international auction house – and every single department is fueled by passion. In 2020 they launched a dedicated designer handbag and fashion department. Their specialists are leading connoisseurs in their field. They are also astute business people who know where and when to sell a work, and for buyers, they give great advice as to whether or not a piece will fit with a particular collection. Another site you may want to bookmark!

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Bonanza is an online marketplace that empowers entrepreneurs to build a sustainable business based on repeat customers. Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, we understand what it means to be too busy to sweat the small stuff. Merchants choose to sell on Bonanza.com because of the powerful selling tools and low fees. Shoppers choose Bonanza.com because of the easy-to-use interface and the large number of products available across every category. In 2016, Bonanza was voted "Most Recommended Marketplace" over eBay, Amazon, Etsy and all other contenders by over 50,000 sellers in the largest seller survey online. They also beat eBay, Amazon, and Etsy for "Customer Service" and "Communication." Bonanza was featured on the 2016 Entrepreneur 360 list as one of the best privately-owned businesses in America, and in 2015 was named Small Business of the Year and Best Place to work by Best in Biz. In August 2014, Bonanza's Background Burner was named one of Time's "Top 50 Websites.

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Bullseye Bids

Bullseye Bids - Great local Houston auction company. Bullseye Bids runs online auctions for individuals, consignment auctions, restaurant equipment online auctions, online estate auctions, commercial surplus online auctions, furniture online auctions, antiques auctions, and much more. Bullseye Bids strives to be Houston’s premier online Houston auction company and consignment liquidation center. Bid online for items like, jewelry, rings, watches, gold, shoes, handbags, and pick them up locally in Houston, TX. They are conveniently located off of 59S and Beltway 8 in Stafford, TX right outside of Houston, TX. Their auction features quality merchandise at great prices!

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Cal Auctions & Estate Sales

Cal Auctions & Estate Sales was formed in 2011 to provide online auction services for the commercial and estate community. Today, Cal Auctions conducts internet-only sales both large and small throughout the United States. The flexibility and reach of the internet is ideally suited for all types of equipment and inventories. Cal Auctions sales include high-end estate sales, antiques & collectibles, Bankruptcy Assets, Landlord Abandoned Property, party rental companies, IT switchgear, franchise restaurants, corporate headquarters, office furniture and business equipment, to name a few. Unlike eBay or CraigsList, which sell a single item to a single buyer, calauctions.com is an event based liquidation site. Each event has a location, scheduled preview, closing and removal and sells many assets to many buyers. We are a little bit traditional (with previews and pickups), a little bit eBay (online bidding), and something altogether different (event based, photo catalogs and credit card only payments).

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VDC Canada Online Liquidation Auctions

VDC Canada Online Liquidation Auctions. Bid & Save Up To 90% OFF Retail. Shop for Overstock and Returned Merchandise here. All inventory is owned 100% by VDC Canada. No member, or buyer fees. Founded in 1996 by Dino Valentini in the basement of a Flea Market is where it all began. The need for product that would attract customers to the weekend only venue was growing and becoming a real need. One deal lead to another then another until finally the vendors could not consume the volume. It was at that point VDC was formed into a full time wholesale company.

Today, VDC Canada has grown to be one of Canada's largest volume wholesale companies selling wholesale. Product categories consist of; Ladies Apparel, Children's Apparel, Men's Apparel, Housewares, Homeware, Hardware, Sporting Goods, Toys, Electronics, Bed & Bath, Domestics, Luggage, Tools, Shoes, Lingerie, Perfume, Infants, Baby Product, Furniture, Dollar Store, Lawn & Garden, Appliances, Office Supplies, Office Furniture, General Merchandise & Seasonal Goods. VDC Canada has grown to be one of the largest Canadian Liquidators that specializes in inventory acquisitions from many retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.

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Charitybuzz is the place to find extraordinary experiences and luxuries to benefit remarkable charities making an impact. Their online auctions bring together hundreds of the world’s most acclaimed celebrities, inspiring luminaries, and beloved brands to give you unforgettable access to your passions. Plus, every winning bid supports an incredible cause. From walk-on roles with Hollywood A-listers to power lunches with Fortune 500 CEOs, when you join Charitybuzz every dream is a new way to make a difference. Simply sign up for a free account from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device. Then explore and bid on experiences with the world's most acclaimed celebrities and visionaries, exotic travel packages, autographed sports memorabilia, and hundreds of other luxuries. Charitybuzz is a member of Charity Network, named one of Fast Company’s 2017 Most Innovative Companies.

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Chiswick Auctions

Chiswick Auctions - Another very popular site that is awesome to just look at. Chiswick Auctions is an established London auction house which champions works of art from all eras and mediums. Located in the exclusive neighbourhoods of South Kensington and Chiswick, clients can access confidential and professional valuations in addition to viewing rare and beautiful works of art. With over 20 Departments devoted to a breadth of specialisms, dedicated sales are held throughout the year and cater to a variety of collectors, art enthusiasts and private buyers.

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Clickindia is a free classified ad site located in India. Clickindia is a free, simple, easy-to-use classifieds website that brings together complementing opportunities. Clickindia is a place where people can post their offers and requirements and browse through messages posted by others from anywhere across India. Clickindia can help you in various ways: look for work or a job, find free stuff, find an apartment, sell your old car, meet new people who share your interests, advertise community events such as art exhibitions or music concerts and a lot more. Main office is in Uttar Pradesh – India.

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Craigslist is an online marketplace that also serves as a platform for users sell items, post job ads, list free givaways, and find freelance service providers. It follows a classified ads kind of format where users can post jobs under specific categories such as automotive, accounting and finance, and skilled trade services. Started around 1995 it includes local classifieds and forums based on your zip code – community moderated, and largely free. Jobs, housing, goods, services, romance, local activities, advice – just about anything really. More than 1 million new job listings each month. More than 120 million user postings in 100 topical forums. Craigslist has about 30 employees that work out of a victorian house in the Inner Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco. eBay acquired 25% of the equity in craigslist from a former shareholder in august of 2004.

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DHgate.com was founded in 2004. They advertise you can buy products at up to 50% off on games, phones, electronics, and more. The “DH” in DHgate refers to Dunhuang (Mandarin 敦煌 (Dūnhuáng)), a Chinese city in modern-day Gansu province and formerly a strategic point on the Silk Road which linked China to the rest of the world during ancient times. The name alludes to the company’s place as a modern, online version of the Silk Road linking customers between China and abroad.

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Darr Auctions & Realty

Our office offers full auction services including: organizing, promoting, clerking and calling or putting your auction online. Since 2011, Darr Auctions has run hundreds of Online Auctions resulting in high returns for our clients. Online bidder enrollment is steadily growing every day. We offer online auction services for personal property, as well as real estate.

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DealDash is one of the most trusted pay-to-play auction provider on the Internet. They also provide a section for winners that displays the winners of different auctions thus allowing you to see in real time those who’ve won what items.

Here is how it worked when we checked it out for this review.
Each bid raises the price by .01.
The auction clock restarts from 10 seconds every time someone bids.
If no new bids are placed before the clock runs out, the last bidder wins.
Before you can take part in an auction you need to buy bids. Bids are currently on sale for 12¢ each! This small fee makes the massive 95% off savings possible!

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