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Packing Boxes

Packing Boxes for the Masses.

Packing boxes are the most common container used in any industry. Packaging refers to the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products that are meant for distribution, storage, sale, and use. It can also mean the processes involved in the design, evaluation and production of packages. It is a coordinated system of goods preparation for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale and end use. Packing is thus an important aspect in businesses, government, industries, institutions and even personal use. You can say packing boxes thus plays a great role in driving the economy of a nation.

Packing boxes, on the other hand, are industrially pre-fabricated boxes which are used for packaging goods and materials. These boxes can be recycled and re-used time and time again. Packing boxes should be of high quality to ensure that they serve the purposes for which they are made. A packing box that is of low quality or that is not made with strict adherence to standards may give way and lead to damage of materials stored within it. To avoid these, there is a need to always purchase the right kind and best quality of packing boxes.

Branding your Packing Boxes.

Branding is a big issue with packing your boxes if you can we always recommend placing your name on products it just help customers become familiar and comfortable with your name or brand. 9 out of 10 times your packing box will end up in the recycle bin but if it ends up being used for storage your name could be sitting on a shelf for years. I am not sure of the reorder power but if you are branding your name it's best not to ask why or how much. Branding a packing box is expensive because it has to be done in the manufacturing process while the box is being die cut, trimmed and glued. You can decide to use a label to save money and labels can be used for multiple purposes like folders, bags, large envelopes, or display's. Your local printer can print labels for you on crack and peel paper which is a self adhesive label stock that allows you to peel the paper off the back of the label and adhere it to your box. This can be 1 to 7 colors including four color process. Varnishes can be printed on your labels to make a gloss or matt finish or both on your label. Some label makers can affix a foil layer as well.

Ensuring that you have the best quality of packing boxes available for your use is the watchword at most packaging distributors including GBE Packaging Supplies. We are in the business of stocking thousands of wholesale packaging supplies, corrugated shipping boxes, corrugated trash boxes, corrugated mailers, padded mailers, packing type and cushioning materials. We offer the highest quality of packing boxes and related items and also provide you some of the best deals that you can get. GBE packaging Supplies has the best interests of clients at heart and so we always regularly scout the packaging industry for the best-corrugated packing products that you need to ensure that your valuables are protected from damage. You can always recommend a new size packing box for our inventory and we will do our best to keep that size packing box in our inventory.

Do you really need Packing Boxes.

Read a blog yesterday about how a large company we all know is using too many boxes to ship and it was causing a packaging overload at the recycle plants. Wait a minute! I have ordered computer hard drives from them and had a single hard drive arrive in a correctly sized box to allow for an inch or two of void fill on the inside of the box on all sides of the component but they forgot one thing. No void fill or very minimal so the hard drive is bouncing around the inside of this box with one sheet of kraft wrapping paper to keep it company. Not at all what it should be. A hard drive or electronic component should be protected with some anti static void fill on all sides of the component. We make packaging cheap and bio degradable but it has a job to do.

Now we have seen them starting to ship items by slapping a label on the product package which is not meant to be shipped without protection not to mention everyone knows what it is and dirt and dust can easily get in to the product. This is not a step forward unless you have the manufacturer spend more to package the product in a ship safe container. Most product packaging is made with very light weight corrugation and it's more for looks than protection.

Shipping your Packing Boxes.

Shippers are now charging what they call dimensional weight on all shipments so it's smart to keep your packing boxes as small as possible to save shipping costs. You always want to keep in mind that you still need to protect the contents of your box with a quality void fill or bubble wrap because the shippers still use conveyor belts to move the boxes thru the freight system and they can encounter drop offs in the conveyor belts of 2 to 3 foot drops so it's important to make sure the contents are protected properly in transport. We like to suggest if possible to conduct some test experiments in house to see if your packing boxes and void fill are adequate to protect the contents.

To help you find the smallest box possible to save you money in shipping costs we are stocked with over 1000 sizes of cardboard shipping boxes available to be shipped to you once your order is made. All our products meet the required industry standards and we never sell packing boxes of low quality or standards. We have in our stock a vast array of boxes for you to choose from, no matter your needs. From multi-sized boxes to telescoping, anti-static boxes and disposable trash containers, just name it and we have got it. We give you the power to choose the right packing box for your usage. We also have over 1000 sizes of corrugated boxes and with our selection of boxes, you will surely find the perfect packing box for use. We give trusted suggestions and tips that will help you in your box selection process to ensure that you get what you really need and remain satisfied with your choices. GBE Packaging always have you covered and can also help you to ship your boxes right to your doorsteps at very minimal costs. With our shipping boxes, your valuables are well protected as they are made with the right weight and with double wall construction to offer more protection of your valuables. No matter the size of your packages, we have bigger boxes such as Master Cartons, Super Shippers, Bulk Cargo Containers and Gaylords. Our gaylords are rated up to 600 Lb. test and can be used for the storage of items in your house and garage, bindery, salvage yards, and are often used as scrap bins in binderies and print shops.

We also stock and highly recommend a carton sizing tool, that can resize a corrugated shipping box so it is smaller and generates a smaller charge when it comes to dimensional weights at ship time. Its better to buy a smaller box for less of course but some times you need to use what you have and cutting a box down in size today can save you a considerable amount of money. Our services and products come at very affordable prices and this means you can save money by patronizing GBE packaging. You not only save money, you also get super strong pack boxes for sure protection from damage. GBE packaging has its clients at heart always and hence helps them to save money on their purchases and delivery. Our shipping rates are very low and our deliveries reach you in no time. Visit us today and select from our catalog of packing boxes. We await your order.

Article Posted: 07/26/2019 03:03:58 PM

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