Wholesale Shipping Boxes | Stock Corrugated Shipping Boxes The shipping box must ensure that the product retains its integrity properties and characteristics until it reaches the end user.
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Wholesale Shipping Boxes

Wholesale Shipping Boxes

In traditional marketing, product developers focused on the development of features and qualities only up to product packaging. The shipping packaging was little considered (or not considered at all).

Nowadays things have changed. Globalization and the ease of moving goods between cities, states and even countries have allowed shipping packaging to be considered essential to the success of a business. In that sense, if your company has the objective of massive export of goods, carton wholesale shipping boxes are an excellent alternative.

Objectives of The Shipping Box

The ultimate goal is to achieve a commercial link between the product and the consumer, beneficial for both, and which favors the buyback and the mind awareness. That is why the packaging system must facilitate the collection and classification of the goods, protecting them from physical and environmental risks during their shipping. Also, in favor of the brand, the packaging must be attractive and motivate the customer to continue tied to the brand.

Packing Functions

The functions of the packaging are mainly of structural type:

- Contain: The packaging box must have a specific size and shape, according to the productís characteristics.

- Compatibility: The packaging must-have features that match the type of product that we are going to ship.

- Retain: The shipping box must ensure that the product retains its integrity, properties, and characteristics until it reaches the end user.

- Practicality: The packaging we choose should be easy to handle full or empty. It must be comfortable, easy to stack and above all, resistant to the shipping process.

There are other functions that marketers define as modern related to the intrinsic characteristics of the product. We at GBE Packaging offer a wide variety of additional services that add value to the packaging, such as the printing of the faces, to increase the advertising value of the box.

Key factors of success

These are some of the factors that you should consider when deciding on the type of packaging that your product will use:

Decide according to your type of product. Whether your goods are for commercial, institutional or industrial purposes, each one has its characteristics and will require different qualities of its packaging. You must consider your target, and all the technical specificities of its transport, use, and installation.

Consider the packaging and packing materials. Also, consider the type of content that you will store. There are other things to think, such as additional material to protect the merchandise, adhesive tapes for packaging, and if necessary some further marketing material.

Choose the right type of transport. The company that is in charge of the transfer of the merchandise is critical to the achievement of the loyalty to the brand. A delayed or unsafe delivery can make you lose a customer immediately.

Last but not least, it is essential to choose wisely your wholesale shipping boxes supplier. You must work with the most prestigious suppliers in the market, such as GBE Packaging. Our commitment is always to achieve 100% satisfaction of our customers in our products and services. Also, we are the company with the most competitive prices in the market. If you want to know more, or make an order, quote us, email us or give a call, our team will be pleased to attend you.

Article Posted: 07/26/2019 03:25:16 PM

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