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Anti-Static Poly Tubing, 2 MIL

Anti-Static Poly Tubing, 2 MIL

It is a fact that electronic devices and components can release an electrostatic discharge regularly when they are active. The discharge created by these products can easily cause damage or harm by imposing a risk of giving mild shocks to a person who might be handling them. We offer a huge collection of Anti-Static Poly Tubing with 2 mil thickness, which not only prevents the generation of electrostatic discharge in such objects, but also prevent the possibility of shocks. You can also use these bags to store general lightweight items such as intricate jewelry items and other accessories. The 2 mil thickness will also keep items free from moisture.

The cross-linked polyethylene material of the poly tubing guarantees long-lasting usage and has the ability to be customized to fit the product based on the size through using an application of heat. The tubing can easily be cut to the required size by using the perforated rolls and then sealing them with the help of tapes, heat or vacuum sealers or twist ties. These tubing rolls 12" in diameter with 3" core will easily fit on any poly tubing dispenser we carry at GBE. This tubing with its bright pink color will prove to be an eye-catching addition to your packaging process.

  • Can easily be fitted on all poly tubing dispensers
  • Eliminates the risk of electrostatic damage to electronic components
  • Thickness: 4 Mil
  • Material: 100% Polyethylene
  • Color: Pink

Anti-Static Poly Tubing, 2 MIL

Anti-Static Poly Tubing, 2 MIL

  Item Color Material Mil W x L Weight Add
2 Mil
4" X 2150`
2 Mil
12" X 2150`

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