Bubble and Foam Products | Bubble Bags | Foam Pouches Bubble and Foam Products | Bubble Bags | Foam Pouches Bubble provides excellent thermal insulation and saves on shipping costs. Be sure your getting high quality bubblewrap rolls to ensure your possessions or products are well protected.
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Bubble and Foam Products

This category features Bubble & Foam Products.

All of our Bubble and foam Products are guaranteed to be the highest quality or your money back.

GBE Packaging is proud to be a Low Price Leader on the Internet for Bubble & Foam Products. Quality Bubble & Foam Products that can save you Money, we have consistently lowered our bubble prices and we are known nationwide to be one of the lowest priced industrial bubble distributors on the Internet. Compare for yourself and save!

If you are a manufacturer or operate a packing operation you need a good reliable source of bubble, it is still one of the best void fills available if you need to ship products safely. We have always worked hard to get you the bubble you need at a low price and shipped fast to you using the best methods available. One of our most popular items would be the UPS-able bubble which is a bubble roll that is half size so it will ship UPS or Fed EX ground and not a freight company. The difference can be hundreds of dollars and the more you order, the more you save. We want to be your top bubblewrap supplier so compare and save!

Some of our Bubble and Foam Products included are:

  • Anti-Static Bubble Reduces static electricity when packing fragile electronic items and ensuring they arrive safely.
  • Anti-Static Perforated Bubble Provides both cushioning and static protection and perforated every 12″.
  • Anti-Static Bubble Dispenser Packs Anti-static dispenser boxes provide convenience and flexibility for work stations.
  • Anti-Static Foam Pink anti-static polyethylene foam protects static sensitive electronic components from static discharge.
  • Anti-Static Perforated Foam Rolls Perforated foam rolls keeps products clean, it's non-abrasive and static free.
  • Anti-Static air foam in a dispensing carton. Pink anti-static foam is portable for use around the office or warehouse.
  • Bubble Rolls Selecting the right bubble not only reduces the risk of damages but also it could save time and money.
  • Perforated Bubble Rolls Bubble rolls are perforated so you can tear off the perfect size piece of bubble.
  • UPS-able Bubble Rolls These rolls are only half as long so they ship via ground service shipping and not freight.
  • UPS-able Perforated Bubble Rolls Perforated bubble rolls ship UPS or Fed EX to save you real money in shipping costs.
  • Adhesive Bubble Rolls Adhesive bubble wraps help you stick the bubble wrap right to the product.
  • Cohesive Bubble Rolls Cohesive bubble only sticks to itself - not to your products.
  • Bubble Pouches Convenient pouches are great for small product, glass, jewelry, toys, or food products and they store flat.
  • Self-Seal Anti-Static Bubble Pouches Convenient anti-static pouches that have an adhesive strip across the lip of the pouch.
  • Self-Seal Bubble Pouches Convenient pouches that have an adhesive strip across the lip of the pouch for easy sealing.
  • Polyethylene Foam Roll Stock Non-abrasive, lightweight foam is filled with thousands of cushioning air cells to protect your product.
  • Perforated Polyethylene Foam Roll Stock Shock absorbing foam protects delicate items and is perforated in easy tear off sheets.
  • Polyethylene Cohesive Foam Rolls Make your own custom foam pouches foam only sticks to itself, not to your product.
  • Polyethylene Foam Pouches Perfect for small parts protection and to insulate products from each other.
  • Kraft Bubble Mailers Mailers are lined with bubble cushioning so you can have more padded protection.
  • Self Seal Kraft Bubble Mailers Self Sealing mailers that are padded with bubble for extra protection.

We Have Pick Up Service in Elgin IL, Dallas TX, Atlanta GA, and Hazleton PA

As a B2B supplier we stock many styles of bubble, also known as bubblewrap which is trademarked by Sealed Air Corp. We sell generic bubble film that is just as good as any expensive name brand product. This is quality bubble made in the USA and shipped to you the same day, our prices are some of the lowest and we have UPS-able bubble if you don't like the shipping costs of the full size rolls. With UPS-able bubble the rolls are only half as long so they can ship via ground service saving you a great deal of money. We also offer local delivery and customer pick up service if you are close to our warehouses in Elgin, IL Dallas, TX Atlanta, GA and Hazleton, PA. Our bubble film is known to be of the highest quality and we have hundreds of recommendations on Alignable that you can look up about our bubble quality. More popular than ever is our pick up service you can order 5 rolls of bubble and pick them up with your own truck and save hundreds of dollars on the shipping costs and best of all we have the lowest price on the bubble too. We try to keep our prices as low as possible and ship all orders the same day.

Buy Quality Bubble

Bubble provides excellent thermal insulation and saves on shipping costs. Be sure your getting high quality bubble rolls to ensure your possessions or products are well protected. Small bubble is good for smaller items and you can always wrap items more than once if you need additional padding. Some bubble will stick to your product like the adhesive bubble so you do not have to tape or secure it to your product. Cohesive bubble will stick to itself but not your product if you are worried about protecting the finish of your product. You might use large bubble wrap to fill empty spaces or to keep items from shifting while being transported. Large items might need 1/2 inch bubble and again you can wrap the item with as much bubble as you feel it needs. Remember bubble is sort of like insurance in case the item is dropped or impacted. For heavy items we would recommend a heavy duty bubble or what is known as a 3rd web bubble. It has a much thicker vinyl layer on the bubble to hold up to heavy metal parts and it has a much longer life cycle. Many vendors will wrap or also encase their products with poly film, poly bags, zipper bags or bubble, bubble pouches, to further protect products from damage, dings, or scratches.

Buy Anti-Static Bubble

Very important when packing fragile electronic items and ensuring they arrive safely can be anti static bubble which protects from static shocks and static buildup. Anti-static bubble comes in several styles the first being on large rolls. It also comes in a box so you can take it with you or move the dispenser box around the warehouse or office. It will go where you need it. Also popular are flush cut bubble pouches and bags. Bubble is also available in cohesive and adhesive styles. You do not want to ship delicate electronics with just any bubble. Why take a chance if its electronics it can be fried in a second and all your work and expense could be down the drain.

Large bubble rolls are still the number one choice for Packaging Products.

These are not the small rolls you see at walmart or the office supply stores you would need to buy 10 - 15 of those to get the bubble you would get on a full size roll. That would cost you at Walmart prices. Most of our bubble rolls are 48 inches wide by 250 or 500 feet so you can get one 48" x 250' Roll or it can be slit into two 24 inch rolls or four 12 inch rolls. You get the whole bundle not just one roll like at some other packaging distributors. The full size bubble rolls will ship freight. If you do not like the costs we have UPS-able rolls that are around 125 feet long and will ship ground service. You still get the entire bundle 48 inches wide.

Distributors and Manufactures love our Bubble Pricing.

Distributors or packing operations can easily burn thru a lot of bubble in a short amount of time. If you are responsible for purchasing packaging supplies like bubble cushioning supplies well then you know how important it is to have a dependable packaging supplier.

  • Same Day Shipping.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Order as 1-48", 2-24" or 4-12" Rolls.
  • All Rolls - Bundles are 48 inches wide.
  • Minimum Order: 1 Bundle.

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