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Bubble Pouches

Bubble Pouches

Bubble Pouches

Bubble pouches make packing and protecting products an easy task, just insert the product into the pouch, peel the paper off the adhesive strip and seal it up.

No need to wrap, tape or staple. Great for protecting smaller items like jewelry, coins, medals, phone ear pieces, small medical devices, phone batteries, promotional items, and hardware. Protect surfaces from scratches.

Bubble wrapping is an extremely important step when it comes to the shipment of fragile goods. It helps in making sure that the goods do not get broken, damaged or defected during transit and reach the destination properly. But covering products with the bubble wraps and then pasting them with scotch-tape can be a tedious task and a lot of people don't want to indulge in it. Sometimes they even skip the step of bubble wrapping and ship products as it is. In this kind of situations, bubble pouches come handy. The only thing you have to do is insert the products in the bubble pouches and you are good to go. These pouches provide a cushioning material to the goods and give the products compression strength which protects them during transit.

Bubble pouches are used in all industries. Perfect for protection and containment of small or loose items. In some cases eliminates wrapping or boxing, keeping products visible and reducing overall packaging costs.

Bubble Pouches are pre-made pouches that make packing easy! Bubble wrapping is an extremely important step when it comes to the shipment of fragile goods and bubble pouches are an easy way to use bubble. Bubble pouches are nonabrasive and some parts or items fit very well in a bubble pouch and the bubble protects the item all the way to the end user. Even if you are boxing the parts the box will only provide so much protection to protect your products so add a bubble pouch to decrease the chance of damage. If you are packing or shipping many small items everyday packing them in a bubble pouch saves enormous time and time is money.

When shipping has to be done on a daily basis, the safety of the products become the top priority. They need to make sure that the contents are shipped and received without any damage. Our bubble pouches are an excellent solution when you want to avoid the process of wrapping products. You just need to insert the products in it, peel the tape on top and seal the pouch. Boxing your item adds additional protection and is easier to label. We have three types of bubble pouches in stock to suit the need of the customers. Self-seal bubble pouches are the easiest to use made with a high lip of 3/16" bubble providing complete protection to small items. Anti-Static Self Seal bubble pouches are an excellent protective pack for electronic goods having a 1 " lip and tape seal on top. Flush cut bubble pouches have bubbles on its exterior with a smooth interior. These are great for protecting oddly shaped items because of its flush cut open end. These bubble pouches are highly affordable and come in quantitative cases which make them flexible enough for packaging purposes.

Highly versatile bubble pouches provides superior surface protection for damage-sensitive items such as jewelry boxes, jewelry and accessories, hardware and replacement parts, gifts, electronics, doors, panels, storage cases and anything with a finished surface you want to protest. You do not have to wrap and tape the bubble with bubble pouches.

Moving Bubble When moving and putting items in storage, your fragile objects need a little extra protection. To ensure your most delicate items receive the protection they deserve, slip them into bubble pouches for extra safety and cushioning. Tough enough to protect your valuables, these bubble pouches safeguard items from damage. Use them to protect glasses, dishes, bowls, picture frames, Christmas ornaments, and collectables during moving and storage.

  • Bubble Pouches.
  • Made in USA.
  • Same Day Shipping.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Minimum Order: 1 Case.

  • Color: Clear or Pink.
  • Size refers to usable dimensions.
  • Lightweight, easy to reuse and recycle.
  • No need for tape or adhesives.
  • Protect items from scratches, shock or impact damage.
  • 3 Styles Available: Anti-Static Flush Cut Self Seal.

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