Chipboard Cartons | Chipboard Pads Chipboard Cartons | Chipboard Pads Chipboard sheets can be used to provide added protection when stacking paper in boxes, or as the stiff backing seen on pads of legal or notebook paper.
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Chipboard Cartons and Pads

Chipboard Cartons and Pads

Chipboard Pads and Cartons

Chipboard sheets can be used as pallet sheets, or pallet covers, or to put in between layers of printed material or shipped skids of any product. Chipboard is common as bindery supplies you need to make note pads or use as spacer sheets for large print jobs.

Our corrugated chipboard pads are lightweight and help add an extra layer of strength to your mail and envelopes, photos, color prints, color keys, or any important documents you might want to add a little protection to.

Chipboard Pads / Chipboard Sheets

  • Protect Critical Parts.
  • Great for Scrap Books.
  • Great for layering in boxes.
  • Use for crafts and science projects.
  • Painters use sheets to protect flooring.
  • Protect and Ship Art or Photographs.

The robust pads work effectively towards applying pressure and protect them from getting torn. They also protect the envelopes and mailers from moisture and help retain their quality. These chipboard pads work effectively towards adding extra weight to the corrugated boxes to make them sturdy and tear-resistant. They give the boxes a leveled surface to securely load the goods in them. These pads are reliable and made from high-quality material which makes them the best option for adding protection to everything. Our chipboard pads are made with sturdy material that gives them the perfect combination of strength and protection.

Chipboard sheets can be used to provide added protection when stacking paper in boxes, or as the stiff backing seen on pads of legal or notebook paper. Lightweight chipboard sheets strengthen envelopes and other mailers, or use as padded layers for increased protection between items, also to reinforce boxes. Excellent for items too lightweight to withstand the pressure of shrink wrapping.

The apparel industry uses chipboard for folding and packaging purposes. Garments are occasionally folded over a chipboard to provide stability for the folded garment. The chipboard can also help maintain the measurement required of the folded garments.

Depending on the requirement, we have heavy-duty and normal chipboard pads. There are different sizes available for the buyers. As compared to other pads, the chipboards are eco-friendly and cheaper. The manufacturing process of these chipboard pads is carried on keeping in mind the effect it can cause on the environment. They are non-toxic and always adhere to industry standards. The pads are infinitely reusable and recyclable. This makes them a favorable protection solution. These are available for bulk or bale purchase and makes for an economical option.

Chipboard Cartons Reverse Tuck Cartons

  • These cartons have pye-lock tucks for positive locking
  • All set up fast and easy without tape or glue
  • Meets or exceeds Federal Specification PPP-B-566
  • All are die-cut from strong .024 point fiber paperboard
  • Kraft exterior and interior
  • Protect and Ship Replacement Parts

Reverse Tuck Boxes - Package and protect your small, lightweight products in our full line of reverse tuck folding cartons. Also known as reverse tuck boxes or chipboard boxes they are strong, yet lightweight and inexpensive. Assembles quickly without tape or glue. These small boxes are perfect for small parts, switches, relays, delicate parts, light bulbs and anything that needs to be protected from shock or crushing. Boxes are easy to label and organize on shelves. Use foam or bubble for maximum protection.

Chipboard Pads and Sheets

  • Reusable - Reliably long-lasting
  • Lightweight - Easy to use and fits in boxes
  • Economical - 100% recyclable
  • Color: Kraft
  • Same Day Shipping
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Various Sizes - Sold by the Case

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