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Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products
Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products play a significant role to make anything smooth and shiny. To remove dirt and paints or for polishing the furniture and production area surfaces, our cleaning products are one of the best ones to use.

The graffiti removers are made of specially blended solvents that easily remove the crayon colors, pencil, spray paint, makeup, or ink. These removers are designed specially to remove the vandal marks from any type of surface. The important things to keep in mind that this cleaner should be tried first on small areas and sprayed directly on any stained surface, let it rest and then wipe or rinse it off. If the marks are difficult, spray the area again and use a sturdy brush to brutally rub the surface. For areas that are made of rubber, asphalt tile or plastics, special care should be taken. This remover is also effective for removal of the tape-marks, wax, or scuff-marks.

Our industrial silicone spray works amazingly to reduce the friction and gives protection against moisture and gives the surface of production areas slickness. This silicone spray is versatile and is a combination of release agent and lubricant making it one of the most economical products. This cleaner can be sprayed on any surface to extract maximum coverage area.

The rich combination of lemon oil and silicones can clean, polish, and protect leather, metal, plastic, vinyl, woodwork, or furniture. This versatile combination is found in our furniture polish. This polish removes the dust in a single application and gives a bright and clear shine.

The water-based stainless-steel maintainer does not leave any residue of oil but still resists the water spatter, fingerprints, and grease stains that have a protective coating. This specially formulated cleaner polishes and protects the stainless steel and gives a bright surface.

  • Spray cans
  • Easy application
  • Available in a quantity of 12
  • Smooth and clean result

Cleaning Products

Item Net Oz. per Can Qty. Case Weight
12 oz.
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