White Corrugated Bookfolds | Book Wrap White Corrugated Bookfolds | Book Wrap Corrugated bookfolds are used to ship books to students from college bookstores all over the country.
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Corrugated Bookfolds

Corrugated Bookfolds

Corrugated Bookfolds

Shipping hard cover books or paperbacks? Shipping them cheaply without compromising on the quality and look is very important. You do not want to break a spine of a book or end up with scratches on the cover. Corrugated Bookfolds are the answer.

  • Corrugated Bookfolds. Good quality extra-large corrugated bookfold mailers are one-piece mailers that fold around a book or item in seconds.
  • Lightweight and Strong. Bookfolds are super strong yet lightweight to save on shipping.
  • Professional Clean Look. Large items can fit in these bookfold mailers like CDís, DVDís, books, maps, portfolios, newspapers and other flat items.
  • Printed Matter. Perfect for literature, letters, product sheets, NTSB bulletins, FDA reports, small print jobs, printed brochures, printed products and forms.
  • Bookstores love them. Corrugated bookfolds are used to ship books to students from college bookstores all over the country.
  • Easy Storage. Corrugated bookfolds ship and store flat.

Whether you sell books for profit, or you are distributing you own books or magazines, you will need an inexpensive packaging medium for your books or printed matter. We highly recommend bookfolds they are great for books, catalogs and framed pictures, framed posters, artwork and similar items. Sturdy bookfolds also are a great packaging solution for record albums (45s, 78s or LPs 33s), framed art or other items. Many of our customers use bookfolds to mail out paperback books and CDís or DVDís and they work great. They are the perfect size, fold up well and are easy to recycle. If you are shipping valuable books keeping the books away from dust and safe without the fear of losing them is very important. Bookfolds are one of the most reliable solutions for saving books properly. Some people recommend wrapping the books first in kraft paper or butcher paper and then folding a bookfold around them for protection. Its sturdy material helps in protecting the books from getting wet, dusty, or torn. These bookfolds can also be used for the packaging of albums and framed bulletin boards. We have a variety of sizes to choose from depending on the needs and requirement of users. All bookfold boxes are shipped flat that helps in saving a lot of storage space. These bookfolds can be bought in bundles which reduces the overall cost. To assemble books properly, we have 2 variants available in the corrugated bookfolds.

Bookfolds are good for more than books. Bookfolds can be folded with the white side out or the kraft side out. Artists love to use them to ship paintings, frames, canvas mounted on frames, or painting supplies. Multi-depth corrugated bookfolds are the best option for shipping or storing anything flat; books, magazines, frames, photo albums, art, audio tapes, advertising displays, clipboards, and even computer hardware, or computer cards in safe static free boxes. These bookfolds do not require any manual set-up which makes the process of storing the goods quick and efficient. The boxes can be sealed securely using tapes and there are multiple depth levels that provide flexibility to the bookfold box. Fold it down at the height you want to wrap it into a nice tight shipping package. These bookfolds stack nicely whether full or empty. That helps in the storage of multiple units together easily. Bookfold mailers provide complete safety and assurance that your printed products or breakable goods would reach their destination without any compromise. If a product, book, artwork, or album is damaged in transit, as a business you need to deal with that. You end up processing returns and refunds.

Corrugated Bookfolds - They wrap right around the book or item and make a nice stiff package for mailing. No packing material or padding is necessary in most cases.

Our self-seal corrugated bookfolds are made of sturdy material which protects products or goods from getting damaged. Our bookfolds are made of strong white 200#/32 ECT B-flute corrugated material that gives the entire package an attractive look. These can be folded within a few seconds and are very convenient to use. They wrap right around the book or item and make a nice stiff package for mailing. No packing material or padding is necessary in most cases. Just close up the bookfold, pull off the protective strip off the tape and seal the self adhesive tape so the bookfold is a tight secure package. We always recommend using some tape to seal your bookfolds for extra protection just donít cover the tear strip used for easy opening. Opening the corrugated bookfolds is easy, they have a convenient tear strip that makes the process of opening up the cartons easy.

Running a bookstore, library, or shipping promotional books to people that can make a difference. Bookfolds are a real time saver and they are economical. If you are shipping 50 books somewhere you would just box them in an RSC container but what if you only need to ship one book or two. Bookfolds are the answer. They were popular back in 1980 when I worked at Chapman College in the College Services Dept. The bookstore and mailroom were connected and we saw a lot of bookfolds coming and going from the college. The professors would get hundreds of book samples every day. We needed an electric cart to deliver them all. I knew then as well as now you do what works. That what makes a good manager. In todays world more things come in a digital format so bookfolds still work for DVDís, Tapes, CDís, boxed software, backup tapes, headphones and more.

The white color of these bookfolds makes it convenient for people to print or write important content or information on the bookfold. In some cases you may want to fold the kraft side out or the white side out. This not only makes the identification work easier, but also looks attractive to the client when the package arrives. These bookfolds can be purchased in bundle quantity making them an economical packaging solution. If you own a business, sell or manufacture a product or books, you might want to keep a bundle of bookfold mailers in the office for those unexpected mailings. If you need a bookfold mailer these are some of the best available made in the USA your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. You could not find a better mailer to use. Itís all about branding and cost. With these bookfolds we recommend that you have professional labels printed on crack and peel paper that is a self-adhesive label paper that your local printer can get and they can print you some 1-4 color labels that can be used on folders, boxes, mailers, and more. Our bookfolds are perfect for carrying printed matter, stationary, yearbooks, product manuals, framed pictures, 3-ring-binders, political information, catalogs, calendars, promotional materials, photo albums, wedding albums, and other literature goods from one place to another or for products that need to be stored.

Corrugated mailers are also available in the following styles.

  • Bin Boxes.
  • CD/DVD Mailers.
  • Garment Mailers.
  • Corrugated Mailers.
  • Corrugated Bookfolds.
  • Protective Literature Mailers.
  • Outside Tuck Corrugated Mailers.
  • Front Lock Deluxe Literature Mailers.
  • Corrugated Mailing Tubes.
  • Jumbo Fold-Over Mailers.

These Bookfolds All Feature.

  • Made in USA.
  • Same Day Shipping.
  • Variety of sizes available.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Minimum Order: 1 Case or Bundle.

  • Color: Oyster White.
  • Material: 200#/32 ECT B-Flute Corrugated.
  • Corrugated design for extra sturdiness.
  • Listed Sizes are for Inside Dimensions.
  • Quickly package items ó no carton set up.
  • Multi-Depth: Scored at multiple depths for flexibility.
  • Place product in center, fold in sides and seal.
  • All bookfolds ship and store flat to save space.
  • Bookfolds are all 100% Recyclable.
  • All sizes are approved for shipment using Post Office (USPS), UPS, FedEx, and more.

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