Edge Protection | Strapping Guards Edge Protection | Strapping Guards We recommend using corrugated sheets with edge protection and strapping guards for maximum protection.
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Edge Protection / Strapping Guards

Edge Protection / Strapping Guards

Edge Protection / Strapping Guards

Edge Protectors also known as Angleboard are very popular to protect your pallet shipments from edge damage. Use on retail product, print jobs, boxed items, manufacturing parts, aircraft parts, and anything you need to ship on a pallet. Shipping product is risky and using the correct edge protection or strapping protection helps in-sure your product is shipped with less chance of mishap.

  • Edge Protectors. Protect parts or pallets from strap marks or damage.
  • Strong and Reusable. Strong fiberboard construction stabilizes loads.
  • Customizable. Use different thicknesses for different sized pallets.
  • Protect Corners and Edges. Use on tops and sides of pallets to protect the corners and edges.
  • Strapping Guards. Stabilize loads and improve stacking strength when shipping.
  • Use with Protective Wraps. Works well with corrugated sheets or singleface corrugated wrap.
  • Improve Stacking Strength. Provide additional support when double stacking pallets.
  • Small or Large Orders. Economical - Available in bundle or skid quantities.
  • Easy Storage. Keep a bin with multiple sized edge protectors – Easily reused when you receive pallets that have edge protection.

Usually, boxes made from corrugated fiberboard are sturdy and last for a long time. With a specified structure, they can withstand harsh temperatures as well as long shipping procedures easily. Edge protection protects your shipments while in transit. They protect the edges of the shipments that can be damaged by forklifts or impact damage from other pallets. Over time boxes begin wearing out on the edges and edge protectors can protect your product during long term storage. Some product can also go through tearing or abrasions due to tough transportation and using edge protection and strapping protection helps protect from those issues. To assist in such situations, we stock a wide line of Edge Protection material and Strapping Guards. They help eliminate shifting of loads during transport and provide additional support for double-stacked pallets. Edge protectors are secured in place using stretch wrap or strapping. Tape can be used for storage pallets. Edge protectors add an extra shield to edges and corners of the boxes, while strapping guards protect strapping from crushing product whether it be metal or poly strapping our strapping guards and edge protection works for all strapping. This protection can be used for odd shaped parts, hoses, machine shipping or moving or anything that needs to be secured and protected.

In the print trade we use to call them skid protectors and they were used on every skid or pallet of printing product that left the shop. These edge protectors and strapping guards apply the most appropriate pressure on the edges of pallets and boxes. We recommend using corrugated sheets with edge protection for maximum protection. Use corrugated sheets along the sides of the pallets to add additional layers of protection to your shipments. Some of our edge and strapping protectors, along with the pallet cones are pre-printed for informing carrier workers about the presence of fragile goods inside the box. The edge protectors intended for bundle and skid quantities provide maximum protection to containers during storage, packaging and shipping. Edge protection comes in different thicknesses to allow you to limit costs on less fragile shipments. Kraft-colored Honeycomb Pallet Runners feature an adhesive that ensures the stability of boxes over pallets. Parts can be covered and protected with honeycomb pallet runners. Print shops and binderies use a large amount of edge protectors because they are tough and reusable. If you ship print jobs from one location to the other or just store them for later distribution edge protectors and strapping guards are a real money saver in the long run. Some shops will keep a used blade that they use just for cardboard or edge protectors. Don’t use a new sharp blade but one you are about to send out for sharpening. They can cut the edge protectors to various sizes with their large paper cutters and store them for use later.

Made by laminating strong recycled paperboard into a rigid right-angle shaped edge protector that can provide pallet edge protection, stabilization, load containment and provide uniform weight distribution. Edge protectors are placed on items to avoid damage and help stabilize and protect products while in transit or in storage. All these varieties of edge protectors and strapping guards along with a protective wrap like corrugated wrap or sheets will protect your pallet shipments from not just impact damage but also from dirt, dust, shocks, scratches, fingerprints, vibrations or abrasions that they might go through while in transit.

Edge protectors and corner protectors safeguard fragile merchandise from the bumps and impacts of shipping, and help to ensure that the package being shipped arrives in proper condition.

Experienced movers, shippers and flatbed truckers know that corner and edge protectors and strapping guards are among the more important tools of the trade. You may not realize just how important they are until you don't have them, resulting in torn canvas, tarp or damaged cargo. Do not wait until that happens, it does not hurt to have these reusable edge protectors or corrugated wrap on hand based on the kinds of cargo you normally carry. Military cargo is top priority and requires proper protection, Edge protectors and strapping guards are very useful for important shipments. Edge protection is used when strapping vehicles down for shipment and the military will use them for heavy drop when vehicles or equipment are secured to aluminum pallets to drop out of high-performance aircraft. Very reusable and economical.

Strapping Guards.

Strapping guards are used to protect the edges where the strapping sits on a pallet. Without strapping guards the straps might cut into the load from movement and vibration while in transit. Strapping guards are edge protectors that are made or cut short and can be stored in a box or on a shelf in any shop.

  • Made in USA.
  • Same Day Shipping.
  • Variety of sizes available.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Minimum Order: 1 Bundle or Skid Quantities Available.

  • Reusable.
  • Eliminate shifting loads.
  • Informative and Easy to Use.
  • Sturdy Edge and Strapping Protectors.
  • Delivered in Bundles or in Bulk Skids Quantities.
  • Made by stacking and gluing of corrugated fiberboard.
  • Ideal for Domestic or International Shipments.
  • Environmentally Safe, Fully Recyclable, Biodegradable and Non-Toxic.
  • Stabilize Loads and Improve Stacking Strength when Shipping.
  • Provide Additional Support when Double Stacking Pallets.

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