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Heavy-Duty Boxes

Heavy-duty Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Single and Double Wall Corrugated Boxes

Heavy Duty shipping boxes are designed for products that need extra protection and that are hard to handle because of their shape, size or weight. Sometimes these Heavy-Duty Boxes and products are shipped on pallets because of the heavy weight. Strong Shipping boxes are needed for this type of application to make sure the box does not break apart in shipping. Heavy-Duty Single Wall Boxes Are 40% Stronger than Standard Shipping Containers for Heavy Duty Shipping Needs. These cartons are made from strong 275#/ECT-44 kraft corrugated to protect contents in shipping. Heavy-Duty Double Wall Boxes - Protect Fragile Items For Packing, Shipping, and Storage. Designed for heavy duty use, these boxes have strengths of 275#ECT-48 for superior box strength and stacking stability.

Heavy Duty: heavy duty boxes are recommended for heavier shipping items, more fragile items or for moving and storing items. Movers recommend such boxes for added protection while relocating. Heavy-duty construction provides greater protection and stacking strength. Heavy-duty boxes are ideal when shipping heavy products or consolidating multiple smaller packages into one box.

We all need heavy duty boxes at some point whether you are shipping large heavy electric motors, or odd shaped replacement parts, it’s always a good idea to use a heavy-duty box. Maybe you are moving large items or work for a packing operation for a local mover and need heavy duty boxes for the wear and tear of moving and repeat use. If you are shipping heavy or fragile items it is important to ensure their safety. Our corrugated heavy-duty boxes provide protection to the delicate goods and do not let them break. These boxes provide productivity due to the quality of material used while making them. It is possible to ship multiple items without worrying about causing any damage or defect to them. Multiple items can be stored in a multi-depth box that helps in saving packing and shipping cost, making it an economical packaging option. Please be sure to protect your contents with the proper amount of void fill. No box will protect your delicate products alone.

These kraft heavy duty corrugated boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving the user a lot of buying options. These boxes come in both single-wall and double-wall layer, giving the goods the necessary protection. The single-wall shipping box consists of a single layer which is responsible for providing rigidity to the box. Double-wall shipping box consists of 2 layers, both of them work towards maintaining the box's sturdiness. It has an increased layer of protection and thus, a better option for storing or shipping fragile items.

Heavy-duty boxes are mainly used for the purpose of shifting goods from one place to another. It makes them a suitable choice for carrying heavy goods because these boxes provide more depth. The boxes are versatile in nature and made out of eco-friendly material that can be reused and recycled. These are strong containers approved for use by UPS, Fed EX or the US Postal Service. Also approved for air freight, sea freight, train, or truck use.

Corrugated Heavy-Duty Shipping Boxes

  • Color: Kraft.
  • Style: Heavy-Duty Boxes.
  • Material: Single Wall HD: Strong 275#/44 ECT.
  • Material: Double Wall HD: Strong 275#/48 ECT.
  • Minimum Order: 1 Bundle.
  • Same Day Shipping.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Listed Sizes are for Inside Dimensions.
  • All cartons ship and store flat to save space.
  • Stock Corrugated Boxes are all 100% Recyclable.
  • Use for any form of transportation, Trains, Truck, Sea or Air.
  • Approved for use with UPS, Fed EX, US Postal Service and all other Shipping Carriers.
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