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Impulse Sealers

Impulse Sealers
Impulse Sealers

Impulse Sealers

Poly bags need to be securely sealed so that there are no fall outs. Instead of relying on usual rubber bands which can break at any point of time, there should be use of such a method that gives a strong and long-lasting seal at the top. To properly pack the poly bags, we have introduced impulse seaters. These machines are also known as heat sealers as their insulating feature seals a polyethylene bag very efficiently. We have Foot Operated Impulse Sealers and simple as well as Hand Operated Impulsive Sealers with Cutters.

The Foot operated impulse sealers work effectively for high volume sealing as they use a standard power of 110 volts. The bags that are 12"" wide and a thickness of 8 mils can be sealed properly using these sealers. These machines have a variable timer control which gives flexibility in sealing.

The simple impulse sealers are very easy-to-use as you just need to place the bag in-between seal bars, press down the machine and release to properly seal the poly bag. These machines can seal poly bags up to 20" length, 2mm width and with a thickness of 4-6 mil. There is an adjustable timer which helps in sealing of various poly thicknesses. The impulse sealer with cutter not only seals, but also cuts the poly tubing in a clean and easy manner. Wide seal impulse sealer can easily seal up to 12" length with a width of 5mm.

  • Easy seal
  • Foot or hand operated
  • Different seal widths and thickness
  • Immediate shipment

Impulse Sealers

Item Style W x L Weight Add
Table Top
8" x 2mm
Table Top
12" x 2mm
Table Top
16" x 2mm
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