Indented Kraft Paper Sheets

Indented Kraft Paper Sheets

Indented kraft paper sheets are often used by furniture makers, equipment manufacturers, auto manufacturers, bike makers, movers, blade sharpeners, knife manufacturers, and brick makers as interleave. Also great for spill clean up or for lining pet cages and animal kennels. Its very multi-purpose and available by the bundle.

  • Indented Kraft Paper Sheets. Quality multi-purpose recycled grade of wrapping paper in sheet sizes.
  • Interleave Paper. Good quality thick wrapping paper with indents, strong enough for bricks or statues.
  • Lightweight to save shipping costs. Wrap parts without adding to the cost of the shipping.
  • Wraps around parts. Indented kraft wrapping paper sheets can wrap around odd shaped items and conform to the shape of any part.
  • Recyclable. Sheets are made from recycled newsprint and recycled fibers.
  • Crush Paper to make Excellent Void Fill. Indented paper sheets are the perfect size for packing boxes without the need of a paper cutter.
  • Resale Stores. Indented wrapping paper sheets are a good thing to have if you own a retail store to wrap china, glass objects, glasses, dishes, cups, and other breakables.
  • More than Packaging. Clean indented wrapping paper sheets are great for pet cages, and kennels.
  • Spill Clean-Up. Indented kraft paper sheets can be used for spill clean-up or to soak up messy liquids.
  • Sheets Store Flat. Sheets ship and store flat until needed. Fit on shelves or in drawers.
  • Apparel. When shipping apparel or suits its a good idea to line corrugated boxes with indented paper sheets as an additional layer of protection.
  • Easy Storage. Indented wrapping papers are available in rolls or sheets and take up very little space when storing.

Every day more people are selling online or from home businesses. They ship products to their customers with a guarantee that there will not be any damage to them. If you do not pack your products correctly this could cost you with more returns or refunds than sales. There really is no reward for failing so we recommend you pack products with quality packaging like our indented kraft wrapping sheets. Indented kraft paper sheets are heavy-duty in nature and can protect every kind of fragile and breakable goods. We have a variety of indented kraft paper sheets to assist you in protecting your shipped product. Indented kraft paper sheets can be used as an excellent void fill inside boxes or cartons shipped to your customers. These indented kraft paper sheets serve as one of the best wrapping solutions due to the strength and grip it provides. With sheets you do not have to cut or tear the paper and most of the time the sheet size is just right and gives your product a professional look. Customers can see you went an extra step to insure the product is protected from shipping damage. Indented kraft paper sheets are also used to interleave layers or parts inside the boxes and fill the void around parts or components so they do not bump and grind together while in transit. Our indented kraft paper sheets are soft and absorbent in nature. These features of the paper sheets help in adding a strong layer of protection to any container. Indented kraft paper sheets have good memory and bounces back even after multiple impacts caused during the shipment making it a very robust packaging material. Indented kraft paper sheets are non-abrasive thus they do not cause damage or scratches to the surface of your product. Indented kraft paper is perfect to wrap around odd shaped items so they do not rub against any kind of surface or scratch each other. That is why they are very popular with furniture manufacturers because wood is unforgiving and needs to be protected. It protects metal parts too. Any chrome, hubcaps, equipment parts, auto bumpers, or powder coated parts need to be protected from scratches and dings and indented paper sheets are perfect. You can always use it for more conventional uses like pallet covers, skid covers, to protect skids from dirt and forklift damage. Great for die-cutting shops or tool and die producers.

These kraft paper sheets are bio-degradable in nature which makes them not only great for shipments but also environmentally friendly. The indented kraft papers are made of newspapers thus, 100% recyclable. This combination of material makes them strong but very thin. Many products need a certain level of protection but you do not want to over spend on some items that are fine with a indented kraft paper protective wrap or indented paper void fill. If you are looking for protective void fill specifically for delicate and breakable items but do not want or need the expense of bubble wrap we recommend a indented kraft paper sheets. Indented kraft paper sheets give you a lot of protection at very little cost. If you wrap a lot of items then this is a good multigrade wrap to keep in mind and the sheet format makes it easy and fast to work with. Indented kraft paper sheets can protect your products from fingerprints, scratches, shocks, or damage from vibrations or abrasions that they might experience while in transit. Indented paper sheets are the best quality void fill you can buy. Great for wrapping art, toys, collectables, books, dishes, plates, cups, glasses, china, silverware, and so many other products that you need to ship. Indented paper is thick, absorbent, and biodegradable. When packing fragile items it is recommended to crinkle up indented kraft wrapping paper sheets and fill all the open voids in the box around the contents you wish to protect. Boxes can be lined to keep products clean from dust. But due to their absorbent quality they help keep products clean and dry. As a void fill the sheets keep parts from vibrating lose or bumping together during transit. Indented paper sheets are like insurance to keep product intact and safe. Its an exceptional interleaver and can be used to layer product as well as protect internal components in a product. One example would be to put it in empty jewelry or music boxes to protect the inside components and keep the top from bumping during shipment. Another great feature of indented kraft paper is it can be reused time and time again by people who receive the packages.

Indented kraft paper sheets are easy to use in pre-cut sizes for your convenience. Protect products from fingerprints, scratches, shocks, or damage from vibrations or abrasions that they might experience while in transit. Indented paper sheets make the best quality void fill. Great for wrapping gifts, storage items, classic books, dishes, collectables, plates, cups, glasses, china, silverware, and other products.

Indented kraft paper sheets are truly multi-purpose, they are great for spill cleanup or to soak up messy liquids. Paper sheets are good for the environment because they are made of 100 percent recycled materials, and they're also biodegradable. There is a high absorbency rate in these indented kraft paper sheets that helps it soak up small amounts of liquid. Many painters often use the sheets as a drop cloth over and over and when too old to use, its recyclable. Some of our customers report that these paper sheets are also great for snake tubs, and lining cages for pets like reptiles, snakes and bearded dragons, Not a traditional use. But it works great for that! Its very absorbent, they rarely have to clean the bottom of the tanks because the indented paper sheets absorb all the waste and spilled water. Great in bird cages, hamster cages, and more. Also used by Veterinary Supply Houses, Hatcheries and Research Laboratories for cage-liners. Vet hospitals also use indented paper sheets for animal cage liners.

Indented kraft paper sheets can be used in the production of Gift Baskets. When building a gift basket under the nice colored crinkled paper you want to use a lightweight soft paper and indented kraft paper sheets are a good fit for that. That cuts down on the colored cricked paper you have to use to bring the basket floor up to an acceptable height. The contents of the basket need to sit on something strong with good memory meaning it springs backs to the original shape after being compressed. This helps keep the base of the basket stable. Indented paper sheets can also be used as void fill when shipping gift baskets or promotional gifts. Packing peanuts stick on everything and can be hard to work with so many gift basket stores will use indented kraft paper sheets to pack gift baskets. Clean indented kraft paper sheets are very popular for most packing operations, movers, or manufacturers. When packing boxes with fragile merchandise you can never use enough indented paper sheets to protect the contents. Indented kraft paper sheets let you wrap oddly-shaped items since it is very light weight and it compresses well. Sheets are the perfect size to wrap around or to place inside of glasses or cups.

Indented Kraft Paper Sheets All Feature.

  • Made in USA.
  • Same Day Shipping.
  • Variety of sizes available.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Minimum Order: 1 Bundle.

  • Color: Brown.
  • Material: Recycled Newsprint.
  • Ideal for Domestic or International Shipments.
  • Completely Wrap for Maximum Protection.
  • Void Fill: Indented Paper Sheets makes the best Void Fill, Springs back after impacts.
  • Environmentally Safe, Fully Recyclable, Biodegradable and Non-Toxic.
  • Indented Kraft Paper Sheets are easy to use in Pre-Cut Sizes for your Convenience.
  • Scratch and Abrasion Resistant Protective Wraps Safeguard Products.
  • Use to line Bird Cages, and Cages for Various Pets.
  • Use as a Reusable Drop-Cloth for Painting and Construction Projects.
  • Indented Sheets ship and store flat and fit in drawers for storage ease.

Indented Kraft Paper Sheets

Indented Kraft Paper Sheets

  Item Paper Weight Qty. Skid Sheet Size Sheets per Bundle Units/Skid Weight Weight/Skid Add
60 lbs.
40 Bundles
18 x 24"
Appoximately - 415 sheets
60 lbs.
40 Bundles
24 x 36"
Approximately - 210 sheets
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