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Loose-Fill Dispensers

Loose-Fill Dispensers
Loose-Fill Dispensers

Loose-Fill Dispensers

Just like the bean bag refill, loose fills are equally difficult to put in a box without wasting a lot of time. To speed up the process of inserting the loose fills in a box without any mess or wastage, it is always advisable to use the loose-fill dispensers. The process is very simple as you just need to suspend the bag on top of the packing area and cut the valve for flow control. This would allow the adequate number of loose fills to be inserted in the box. Our lightweight dispenser helps minimize the overall packaging cost.

The loose fill dispensers include a rope and two pulleys to make the process easier. You just need to squeeze the scissors which are spring-loaded, and the right number of peanuts would be released. This dispenser can be utilized to dispense every kind of loose fill which makes them durable and has a rot resistant canvas bag as well as a reinforced tubing attached that is very flexible. Our dispensers can be mounted to warehouse ceiling conveniently. There should be a working area of 24" between the scissor valve and table along with the minimum ceiling height of 30" high packing table for proper functioning.

  • Dispense all types of loose fill
  • Durable
  • Rot resistant
  • Size: 14, 30, and 140 cubic feet
  • Rope and two pulleys

Loose-Fill Dispensers

Item Holds L x W x D Min. Ceiling Height Size Weight Add
14 Cubic Feet
40 x 40 x 30"
7` 6"
14 Cubic Feet
30 Cubic Feet
40 x 40 x 48"
10` 3"
30 Cubic Feet
140 Cubic Feet
60 x 60 x 88"
140 Cubic Feet

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