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Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes

Corrugated Moving Boxes

2 to 3 weeks before you Move - Make sure you have enough moving boxes, tape, bubble or packing paper for your things to be packaged carefully!

If you are moving or relocation you will want the best moving boxes available as well as good thick tape and lots of coffee. We have moving boxes for almost every kind of object imaginable. Long heightened goods like lamps, tubes, lights, vacuum parts, mops, brooms and music stands fit perfect in a tall box. In the packaging industry we have special boxes for cloths called wardrobe boxes and also moving boxes for dishes called dish packs. We have flat or side loading boxes that are perfect for pictures, mirrors, art or clocks. We have multi depth moving boxes so you can adjust the size of the box. We have heavy duty boxes that will not crush when loaded with heavy items and stacked. Our moving boxes provide protection and stiffness required to stay intact and protect contents.

Moving Boxes - Inexpensive moving boxes and packing supplies are 35%-40% LESS cost than movers and retail stores. Delivered right to your doorstep. Over 1200 sizes of boxes suitable to use as moving boxes for moving and packing operations. Tall boxes are perfect for long odd shaped parts, golf clubs, broom handles, tools, and many other products. Flat boxes are great for mirrors and pictures. Cube boxes work good for blankets and pillows.

We have some recommended sizes for certain items when ordering moving boxes. We will list them below to help you find the right size box for moving. If you work or purchase for a moving company or a professional packer this information can be very useful. Please remember to wrap fragile items as insurance, you can use some of your linen, sheets or towels to insulate some of your breakables and save money on void fill. Don’t over pack! As you pack remember the heavier the item, the smaller the box. Our kraft corrugated moving boxes adhere to the industry standards and are made with the best quality material in the USA. They can be ordered in bulk or bale quantities which makes them cost-effective. Constructed from strong 200 lb. Test / 32 lb. (Edge Crush Test) ECT, the boxes are robust and protective. Moving boxes are always shipped flat to save storage space.

Here are some recommendations for finding boxes. Finding Boxes for Moving.

Box Strength Suggestions

  • 200 LB. TEST - For everyday shipping purposes.
  • 275 LB. TEST - 38% stronger than 200 lb. test boxes.
  • 275 LB. TEST DOUBLE WALL - When extra stacking strength is necessary.
  • MULTI-DEPTH - Die-cut down to the size you need. One box can be folded to different sizes.
  • LONG - Long flaps make it easy to load.
  • TALL - For Golf Clubs, Rifles, Brooms, and More - Short flaps make it easy to close.
  • TELESCOPIC - Adjustable 2-piece design for long items.

Moving Box Styles

  • Picture Frame Boxes - These cartons open along the ends for easy insertion of picture frames, mirrors and other flat items.
  • Multi-Depth Boxes - Die-cut down to the size you need. One box can be folded to different sizes.
  • Heavy Duty Dish Pack Boxes - Made for Dishes and Pans, These cartons have a 350 Lb. Test Double Wall Construction labeled with special handling instructions for extra convenience.
  • Corrugated Wardrobe Boxes - Made for Clothing, Tall 275 lbs. Test Boxes with a Double Wall Construction and has carrying holes and stabilizing metal hanger bar, Labeled with Special Handling so you know your valuable clothing will be protected.

Recommended Box Sizes

  • 10" x 10" x 48"       Golf Clubs
  • 12" x 12" x 40"       Lamp
  • 12" x 12" x 48"       Lamp
  • 18" x 18" x 16"       Linens
  • 18" x 18" x 24"       Shades
  • 20" x 20" x 36"       Table Lamp
  • 22" x 22" x 22"       Pillows
  • 24" x 24" x 12"       Speakers
  • 24" x 24" x 18"       Blankets

If shipping heavy items like books we recommend smaller boxes to make it easier to lift.

Cushioning Tips

Some things should be cushioned for protection just call it insurance against having your favorite lamp broken. Some people use blankets and comforters as padding for lamps, and other valuable items. Some options for padding or cushioning would be bubble, paper packaging, versa-pak cushioning, indented bogus paper, kraft wrapping paper, and clean newsprint for dishes or pans. You can buy white industrial grade tissue paper to wrap dishes or china. Do not use printed newsprint, newsprint ink is terrible on dishes and china.

  • Some options for padding or cushioning
  • Clean new unprinted newsprint paper.
  • Clean new unprinted Tissue paper.
  • Kraft Wrapping Paper.
  • Bogus Kraft Paper.
  • Indented Kraft Paper.
  • Bubble Wrap or Bubble Film.
  • Air Pillows and Mini Air Machines.
  • Loose Fill or Packing Peanuts.
  • Blankets, Sheets, Pillows as cushions.

These boxes are all great for moving or relocation purposes. We have over 1200 sizes to pick from so you know you can get a moving box that fits in the trailer good or maybe a certain size so you can use them for shelf storage after your move. Almost any box is good for moving, you want one that is not too big as they get heavy fast when you are packing and smaller moving boxes stack easier. If you order moving boxes too small you will be taping a lot. You want to make sure each box is closed an open box is how you lose belongings. For the personal use, people use tall boxes to pack up long goods safely and securely while moving from one house or apartment to another. Tall boxes are used by packing companies that professionally pack for movers. When moving many things fit in a tall box like mops, brooms, vacuum parts, music stands, camera tri-pods, golf clubs, bats and sport equipment, plungers, plumbing fixtures, sound bars, speakers or any long household item. If needed you can tape several tall boxes together to pack items that are very long such as 9 to 10 feet long.

Moving boxes are available in many sizes to allow you to find the size that works for you. If you are shipping items, shipment size is important today as shippers are charging dimensional weights.

Corrugated Tall Shipping Boxes

  • Color: Kraft.
  • Style: Moving Boxes.
  • Material: Strong 200 Lb. Test / 32 Lb. ECT. (Edge Crush Test).
  • Minimum Order: 1 Bundle.
  • Same Day Shipping.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Listed Sizes are for Inside Dimensions.
  • All cartons ship and store flat to save space.
  • Stock Corrugated Boxes are all 100% Recyclable.
  • Use for any form of transportation, Trains, Truck, Sea or Air.
  • Approved for use with UPS, Fed EX, US Postal Service and all other Shipping Carriers.
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