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Reclosable Poly Bags

Reclosable Poly Bags

Reclosable Poly Bags

For the packaging, storage, and transportation of a variety of goods, proper packaging is required. When you need to showcase the goods from the outside, the best option is a transparent poly bag. We have a variety of reclosable poly bags which do not require an additional seal, tape, or twist ties for safety. There are clear, anti-static, double track, hang hole and white block reclosable poly bags for the buyers to suit their requirements.

The simple clear poly bags have a pinch track zipper that closes the products and keep them clean as well as moisture free. This single-track zipper enlarges the width of the bag easily giving more space. The material of these poly bags is polyethylene and made of virgin resin which works as an excellent storage option for all kinds of products.

The anti-static poly bags are perfect for the packaging and storage of sensitive electronic components which have to be accessed plenty of times. These bags eliminate the risk of static damage. They have a convenient seal closure at the top.

To pack and store liquid items, we have double track reclosable poly bags that have double-security locks. These protect the liquid from getting leaked and keep them free from moisture. Our transparent poly bags keep the liquid stored in them completely clean.

The hang hole reclosable poly bags not only provide a convenient closure at the top, but also helps in hanging or tying the package due to the presence of a pre-punched hole at the top. These packages are appropriate for industrial and retail applications.

Our White Block reclosable poly bags are the most appropriate packaging bags when it comes to labelling them. There is no requirement to paste a label on them and a white block is pre-printed where you can write with a felt tip or ball-point pen.

  • Appropriate for a variety of goods
  • Material: Polyethylene film
  • Different sizes
  • FDA approved
  • Virgin resin

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