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Safety & Aisle Marking Tape

Safety & Aisle Marking Tape

Safety & Aisle Marking Tape

Safety is a very important thing while working in a facility as there are always a lot of dangerous activities going on. Our safety & aisle marking tape helps people know where to walk, which equipment to be stored, and where are the exits in case of an emergency. These tapes inform and protect the people from dangerous situations and equipment. Tapes work quicker than messages as the paint takes a lot of time to dry off. Industrial tapes can be used in any environment due to their strong and reliable properties.

We have color-coded safety and aisle marking tapes for easy identification. The black/yellow color for physical hazard, black/white for traffic, red for caution, white for housekeeping and red/white for fire equipment. These specific colors help people know about the specific dangers related to the equipment or area. The floors or equipment have to be marked with a specific color for indication and an early warning to the people walking in that area. Our heavy duty tapes stay resilient towards oil, grease, moisture, scuffs, or solvents. We also have an aisle marking tape applicator in stock that assists in application of tapes effectively. The tape roll is mounted on the applicator for a quick application with the help of a steel constructed handle.

  • Oil and moisture resistant
  • Color coded
  • Safety purpose
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Material: Rubber or acrylic

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